Women and Motors

Monte Carlo or Bust? Sumptuous retro lingerie and classic sports cars put together for a vintage combination no man can resist! A collection of wonderful retro styled lingerie together with classic vintage cars.

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Original models always have that air of sophistication about them, their sleek bodies appealing to everyone, full of style and elegance and with a bit of romantic nostalgia. There is always a bit of fun associated with those classic cars too, and the same is true of the styles of vintage undergarments.

This may be a strange comparison – cars and lingerie – but nothing can beat the style of a  classic car for style and glamour, and the same is true of lingerie. Many of the designs of bras and shapewear we have today are styled on the underwear worn by glamour models from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. Although these days lingerie is styled from patterns from that bygone era, the fabrics used are from modern day materials. Like modern sports cars that give a nod to classic vintage style, but with the latest in technology under the bonnet.

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Cars were built to last, work hard as well as looking their best; the same is true of lingerie, us girls want to look and feel our best and that all starts with our lingerie, we want it to look good, feel comfortable, and work hard giving us a helping hand to make the most of our figures there are times when we want to feel sexy, have fun and enjoy ourselves and we expect our lingerie to do all these thing for us.

The shape-wear collection here does all these things with a selection of choices here from the long-line bra, the under-wired bra, the glamorous panty girdle, the glamour under-bust girdle, the  strapless corselette , and the corselette, are all designed to enhance a ladies figure, but also ensuring that the wearer feels sexy as well as adding that element of fun.

The leather upholstery on those fabulous classic cars is the icing on the cake, a comparison to the stockings covering one of a ladies great assets, her legs, just adds that final finishing touch that makes that special outfit complete.

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Photos by What Katie Did.  Shop What Katie Did now at Joanna’s Wardrobe.

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