The Hourglass

The Hourglass was born in late 2006, brought to life by Nicole Klein a make-up artist, hair dresser & stylist, photographer, model, performer…well she’s done a lot!

The idea was to show normal women how stunningly beautiful they can be. Nicole got frustrated with the way women are portrayed in the media and the negative impact this has on women’s self-perception. Equipped with the strong belief that every woman is beautiful and has a right to feel that way, she started photographing clients turned into retro pin-ups and burlesque beauties.

The response was amazing and very quickly the informal group ‘The Hourglass Girls’ was formed. These were women that had a shoot with the Hourglass and agreed to have their pictures published on the Hourglass website. They all share a passion for retro and vintage styles and are proud to represent real beauty. Quite a few girls started their modelling career with the Hourglass and just as many got addicted and came back for one shoot after another.

You can see the Hourglass girls at

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