Honeymoon Portfolio

Our latest showcase is from Les Marriott of Confidential Visions.

One of the things we’ve noticed recently is that more and more women are realising that being photographed in a sensual way is amazingly empowering. TV programmes like “How to look good naked” have made us think about beauty in a different way and that is a really good thing.

Although we believe that the most important thing is that women feel good about themselves, it’s impossible to underestimate the effect that sexy photographs of their women have on men! That’s why we’ve decided to showcase the concept of a Honeymoon Portfolio. This is where a bride-to-be presents her husband-to-be with an album of beautiful photographs of herself as the ultimate personal gift.

Les is a qualified British Institute of Professional Photographers portrait photographer and Confidential Visions aims to show your full sensuality with images you will both look at time and time again and that will keep any groom’s mind on the delights of the Honeymoon!

Confidential Visions know that it is very brave for a woman to do these shoots, so they go at your pace, whilst being encouraging. They also don’t allow anyone else to come along: it’s totally private and confidential.

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